One of My Goals This Year was to Not Be So Scared of Drawing

So it’s the middle of the year. Actually we are over the halfway point if we’re being really accurate. I decided to look through my abandoned planner where I wrote my goals list for this year. One of many goals lists. I was surprised to find that I have checked off a few of the things that I wrote on it even without thinking about the list.

I abandoned my planner on purpose this year because there were so many things that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do this year and things were getting overwhelming with two separate calendars. I favored my current method of using my calendar on my phone and a notepad for goal lists. I may add a wall calendar for next year but who knows?

Backstory: So last year after a year and a half of thinking and wondering what direction my art should go I settled on Illustrating. Specifically breaking into the children’s book market which is still my focus. But the first wall I hit was that I discovered that I was terrified of not being able to draw well enough. Not only not being able to draw well enough but specifically being terrified of drawing characters. Kind of important if you’re going to illustrate stories. Las time I checked there’s not a huge market for stories with no characters. So that was how “Conquer my fear of drawing characters” ended up on my goals list for 2021.

I jumped in last year and ended up illustrating 3 middle grade books for Kindle under the name Whitney Wimsee. It. Was. Horrifying. I was so stressed out by every drawing I did I felt like I had never picked up a pencil every single day. But you have to be able to draw characters to illustrate children’s books. So I gave up for a while and tried some other things. But nothing else was exactly what I wanted to be doing and I decided to just get back to trying to get better.

Fast forward to this year. Not only am I no longer afraid of it but I am actually hopeful and so excited to take you on the journey to success with me.

My biggest lesson that I want everyone to know from this experience is that everything takes longer than you think and don’t beat yourself up for needing the proper amount of time to acquire new skills.

(Picture: Fishing Frog rough sketch August 2021 Whitney Moore)


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