About the Art: Cupcakeville

Cupcakeville is a village I painted as part of a series called The Magic Bakery which I will finish in 2022. The series has turned more toward famous landmarks and places it started with this village. This is the first painting a did for the series. I first painted a watercolor cupcake house and imported it into Photoshop. The house and the macaron clouds are watercolor elements and the hills, sprinkles and sky were all done through digital painting.

There are numerous influences for the illustration style of Cupcakeville. It reminds me of Adventure Time or Spongebob Squarepants. I love those shows and am not surprised when they find their way into my paintings and illustrations.

Since the Magic Bakery series has incorporated famous landmarks going forward I like to think of Cupcakeville as being based on Switzerland.

This illustration is available on T-Shirts and Stickers from my Society 6 shop and will soon be available on this site as prints. Stay tuned.


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