About the Art: Self Love

Self Love. It eludes so many of us sometimes for decades and sometimes our entire lives. This piece is about all the ways we try to manually inject self love into our existence. Plastic surgery, others opinions, make up, new clothes. But there’s only one problem: All of these things are us trying to force outside influences into our being.

I first got the idea when thinking about how so many people think that plastic surgery, makeup and body modifications (invasive and non-invasive) is the answer to looking like they “have it all together”. The people who cover their real appearance the most are usually the ones who preach about self love the hardest. In this work the girl has not only covered herself but also attempted to force self love to become part of herself by shoving roses into her face.

This piece asks the question; “How much does it take until we finally experience self love?”

What about you? What do you think about self love philosophy? There are a lot of people who have been successful way before this was even taught by therapists and self-help gurus. Do you think self love is even necessary for success? I’d love it if you’d comment below!

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