About The Art: Be Here Now

Be Here Now is a digital collage exploring 3 of the biggest distractions in the world today: Overthinking, food addiction/obsession, fanaticism and ambition. It will come as no surprise that I created this piece because these are the three biggest obsessions and distractions that I face in my own life. No one in the modern world is safe from these at some point. The ideas behind this piece grew organically as I created it. Originally I wanted to create three hot air balloons made of ice cream which was an idea I thought of in 2021 and never got around to.

The vices are represented as three hot air balloons. The brain is the overthinker who is obsessed with time but also can’t get their head out of the clouds even though they know time is running out for them to accomplish anything in their lives. These concepts are represented by the hourglass and the clouds surrounding it.

The ice cream balloon is the distraction of gluttony or food obsession. Which is not only a huge obsession but also a major health crisis.

The emoji balloon is representative of the obsession with fanaticism not only of social media but with celebrity culture, memes, the internet and technology as a whole. The idea that looking outside of oneself for purpose and meaning in life or distracting yourself from your own thoughts is going to help you fulfill your potential. It is also representative of Western society’s constant reactivity to events no matter how minute they may be. The bitcoin below it is the promise that obsession over someone else’s career and “inspiration” is going to bring wealth regardless of effort.

All three obsessions are highlighted with the rainbow as the promise to a better life while the text calls the viewer to step away from the obsession with these modern distractions and enjoy the time and space they are actually in. The garish colors of the main subjects are meant to jar the viewer out of their reality and into the focus of the subjects while the subdued background represents the subtle beauty of the natural world. This natural world often seems to be no match for the incredible artificial brightness of modern innovations, technology and distractions.


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